CCR genera retornos de las inversiones mediante la capitalización de las tendencias del mercado inmobiliario , el aumento de valor estructural , y luego la entrega de gama alta hospedaje de corta duración en el mercado turístico y de negocios . Retiro Mundial de entregar todo el trabajo , mientras que nuestros inversores a tomar declaraciones mensuales a partir de ahí la inversión y siguen siendo los propietarios completos de su proeperty .

City Centre Retreat siempre están buscando nuevas oportunidades para expandir su negocio y para llegar a nuestra meta de convertirnos en una marca corta estancia de confianza. Ofrecemos a los propietarios una oportunidad rentable para registrar sus propiedades con el Centro de la Ciudad Retiro. No importa si usted es un propietario privado apartamento o un propietario profesional, o si usted tiene uno o todo un edificio de apartamentos , City Centre Retreat estén interesados ​​en trabajar en conjunto con usted.

City Centre Retreat puede hacerse cargo de la gestión completa de su apartamento , por lo que no tiene que preocuparse de nada. Usted sigue siendo el propietario de la vivienda, City Centre Retreat usted paga mensualmente por encima del valor promedio y se hará cargo de todo el trabajo y las preocupaciones. Nuestro equipo de limpieza con experiencia, personal de mantenimiento y personal de administración trabaja duro para asegurar su propiedad se mantiene a un alto nivel para nuestros clientes . Es vital para nosotros que su lugar se ve continuamente increíble para nuestros huéspedes.

¿Cómo funciona ?

Al Centro de la Ciudad Retiros hacerse cargo de la inversión , tendrán primero ayudar a encontrar el mejor lugar , lo consigue con el fin fantástica y ajustar la calidad de la unidad, para que coincida con las normas y las necesidades de nuestros clientes de estancias cortas. Gestión completa significa que City Centre Retreat funciona todo alrededor del apartamento : de todos es el mantenimiento y conservación para su limpieza. A partir de ahí vamos a tomar por encima de todo y no hay nada más que hay que hacer . Si desea utilizar el lugar de vez en cuando , entonces usted puede y nuestro equipo está siempre disponible por teléfono o correo electrónico si hay algo que usted necesita.

Beneficios para usted como propietario ..

Centro de la Ciudad Retiros genera interés de su inversión cada año, mientras que su inversión está cuidado y mantenido a un alto nivel. Somos flexibles en los términos del contrato y puede proporcionar grandes referencias de nuestros inversores existentes a los que todos han visto el beneficio de trabajar con nosotros a lo largo de los años. No dude en contactar con nosotros si estás interesado o si desea saber más acerca de las posibilidades y oportunidades . Complete el siguiente formulario y le responderemos en 24 horas , alternativamente , envíenos un correo electrónico a ‘ info@citycentreretreat.com ’ . Gracias por leer y considerar nuestros servicios.

5 Helpful Tips for Taking Great Holiday Family Portraits

If you think back on the holiday memories that you had growing up, there’s a pretty good chance that one of the things that you remember most is taking holiday family portraits. So, now that you are an adult and you have children of your own, it’s totally understandable that you would want to follow this tradition by taking some family pictures too.

If you would like to save a few dollars and take some photographs on your own rather than hiring a professional photographer to take the pictures for you, here are some helpful tips that will have your holiday pictures looking just like you went to a photography studio.

Have the right equipment. Although there are all kinds of things that you can do in behind of the camera in order to end up with great family photos, it’s not going to matter much if you don’t have the right kind of equipment. And while a lot of smartphones can do a fairly good job taking pictures, it’s still a good idea to invest in a quality camera. Luckily, there are all kinds of online articles that can help you choose the best kind of camera for family photos. One of them is PC Mag. Just go to the site and put “best digital camera” and “family photos” in the search field.

Incorporate simple backgrounds. If you want to take some pictures outside in the snow or beside an evergreen tree that you have in your yard, that’s definitely one way to embrace the holiday season. Plus, the natural lighting will help your pictures to look absolutely amazing. But if it’s too cold outside or you want to take some pictures without everyone being in outerwear, just make sure that the backgrounds are relatively simple. Now, this doesn’t mean that the background has to be white. In fact, it can be fun to make some of your own backgrounds by using construction paper by pasting it to a poster board or even wallpapering one of your surfaces with a red, green or gold gift wrap. Have fun with your backdrops. Just make sure not to choose too many different patterns; that can be distracting.

Use props. When it comes to your children, something that will help keep them entertained while also bringing creativity to your pictures are props. It can be stuffed animal reindeer. It can be boxes of presents. It can even be having them hold some ornaments. The key is to make sure that the props are holiday-themed.

Be creative. If you were to speak with a professional photographer who works at a studio like Diego Molina Photography for another tip when it comes to taking holiday family portraits, one of the things that they would probably tell you is to be creative. So many people’s holiday pictures are a bit on the dull side because everyone is posed in their “holiday best” by a fireplace. Who said that yours have to look like that? Take out a moment and think what you love most about the holidays and then set up your pictures to represent those images.

Enjoy candid pictures. Posed pictures are nice, but candid ones are oftentimes even better. So, make sure to have your camera close by at all times. Taking pictures while decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies or on Christmas Eve while your kids are sound asleep can end up being some of the best ones of the season. That’s because candid pictures capture people at their most natural and that’s one of the main keys to taking some truly awesome holiday pictures. For tips on how to take great candid pictures, visit Digital-Photography-School and put “11 tips for candid photography” in the search field.


What Dangers Asbestos Poses to Your Family

When it comes to keeping your family safe, you probably do all you can to achieve this, from the latest safety features on car seats and childproof locks on bathroom cabinets to bike helmets and regular doctor visits. But there’s one health threat out there that doesn’t get as much attention as protecting yourself again the common cold, flu and diseases, and that’s asbestos. If you live in a home built before the late 1970s, you have an increased risk of living amongst asbestos. Know the facts and find out what this material can do, where it is and how you can protect your family from it.

Family and Dog

What is it?

Asbestos was used in the manufacture of various fire-resistant materials present in older homes, schools, office buildings and other structures many years ago. While you won’t find its use in construction these days, prior to 1970, it was used quite extensively in roofing, vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles, shingles, drywall and attic insulation. It could also lurk in furnaces, the floor boards around wood-burning stoves, within gas fireplaces, and hot water pipe coatings. Used for its insulating and fire-resistant properties, asbestos is a mineral fiber that can’t be seen by the naked eye – only with a microscope, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Perhaps you’ve seen some suspicious substances that you aren’t sure about. Look for tears, abrasions and other types of damage to any old insulation you may have in the attic, basement or in old rooms, crawlspaces and closets. Be careful as you inspect, as you don’t want to do any damage. Teach your kids not to touch any suspicious materials, too. If you suspect something, it’s best to call in a professional asbestos remediation team to test and remove the offending material. If you try to get rid of it yourself, you risk sending the fibers into the air, where you can inhale them. This is where the real danger happens.

Adverse Health Effects

When you inhale asbestos, especially over the long term, you risk contracting serious lung diseases that may not display symptoms until decades later, points out the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These lung diseases range from mesothelioma to asbestosis to lung cancer. You could also contract inflammatory lung diseases and pleural plaque (a thickening of the lung membranes), as well as pleural effusions, which feature a collection of fluid between the lung and chest, says WebMD. Although these diseases are typically found in employees who have worked alongside asbestos for many years, such as in shipyards, mines and demolition sites, residents of a home can also contract diseases like mesothelioma after long-term exposure. Be sure to arm yourself with the knowledge of what asbestos is and what it can do, such as lead to lung cancers and other diseases. For example, asbestosis is a non-cancerous illness that plagues the lung lining, but mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive form of cancer affecting the lung, chest, heart or abdomen lining. If diagnosed, you could receive compensation for loss of income and medical bills when you have someone working on your side for justice. Don’t know where to find a mesothelioma lawyer? Try Shrader and Associates.

This article was contributed on behalf of Shrader & Associates, your number one choice after experiencing exposure to asbestos in Illinois. Check out their website today and see how they can help you! 

5 Things to Consider When Traveling With Your Family Pet

Commercial air travel was created mainly for human travelers and human comfort. It was not created with our furry friends in mind. Indeed, traveling with pets can be stressful. If you are not careful or don’t take the right precautions, your pet can become injured or killed during transit. When it comes down to traveling with pets, you need to make sure that they are comfortable and happy. Not only do you want them to be secure in a carrier, but you also want to make sure they aren’t showing any signs of distress. With some attention to your pet’s health and comfort, traveling with your best furry friend will be a lot easier. Here are five things to consider when traveling with your family pet.

  1. Make sure that they are in a carrier at all times. It is important that you keep your pet in a carrier when traveling. Letting them out of the carrier – even on a leash – could be too much for your pet to handle. Not only could your pet get lost, but you could also cause your pet undue stress.
  2. Make sure that you keep your pet by your feet. Also, you want to make sure that you keep your pet at your feet at all times. Leaving your pet in the cargo area of the plane is just too dangerous and risky. Thousands of pets die every year from overheating and cold exposure. If you purchase a new pet – maybe a puppy from a breeder like Ron’s Puppies - you want to fly to your new pet and then take the pet back with you. Some airlines allow you the opportunity to classify your pet as a carry on.
  3. Make sure to peek inside the carrier to check vitals. When you are traveling with your pet, you want to peek inside the carrier to make sure there isn’t any heavy breathing or heart pounding. This is especially important with older pets – they can become arrhythmic and they can start to hyperventilate from the stress. If your pet is showing erratic vital signs, you want to take your pet to a quiet location and try to calm them down. If that doesn’t work, you need to find a veterinarian immediately.
  4. Make sure that you offer water at long layovers. If you are traveling a particularly far distance, you want to make sure that your pet is properly hydrated. Pets can often go long distances without food or water. As a result, they can often go long distances without needing to relieve themselves. However, if you are sitting at an airport for multiple hours, you need to put a little cup of water inside the carrier.
  5. Make sure that you bring a toy or two. Having a toy with you is also important. Not only will a toy give your pet something to do, but it will also offer a warm comforting scent. There is a good chance that your pet will be picking up a million different foreign scents, which can be quite stressful. With a toy, however, your pet will feel much more at home.


Weighing the Pros and Cons of Getting a Family Dog

Whether you grew up with a pet or recently your kids have been asking you for one, there are all kinds of reasons why having a dog is beneficial for the entire family. In fact, there are studies which indicate that having a dog in the home reduces stress, teaches children accountability and is a great form of companionship for everyone.

However, being that a dog is also a really big responsibility, before making such a serious decision, it’s important that you take out a moment to weigh some of the pros and cons of getting a family dog. If you’re interested in knowing what some of those are, please keep reading.

Pros of Having a Dog

Aside from some of the benefits that were already mentioned, here are other reasons why getting a dog could be one of the best decisions that you’ve ever made. If you happen to have a child who is shy, it has been proven that caring for a dog can help to make them more sociable. Not only that, but being that dogs need to get daily exercise, taking them out for walks in the morning or evening can get you some of the cardio that you need. Being that dogs are extremely empathetic and loyal, they also encourage people within the home to be affectionate; this automatically creates a deep and loving bond with your dog as a direct result. Plus, dogs are known to curb mood swings, improve poor health and if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, having a dog in their lives can help them to release excess energy as well. And of course, dogs can create warm and lasting memories for a lifetime.

Cons of Having a Dog

Although the pros of having a family dog definitely outweigh the cons, there are still some things to take into consideration before getting one. First, if you’re already on a tight budget, you may want to wait. The reason why is because aside from food and other dog supplies that you’ll need to get on a regular visit, sometimes visits to the veterinarian can get to be pretty expensive. Also, if you don’t have a dog that’s trained and you would rather train them yourself rather than take them to a professional school like Beyond the Leash, you are going to have to be patient with the process of getting the acclimated to your house – even if they accidentally tear up something or leave stains on your floor. Another thing to think about is if you travel a lot. Unless you plan on taking your dog with you, you’ll have to either find them a sitter or put them up in a dog kennel or hotel and that can get to be pretty pricey. Finally, because dogs don’t really have a concept of time, if you’re used to having a pretty strict sleep schedule, there’s a pretty good chance that they will disrupt it.

The reason why a lot of people consider their dog to be a member of the family is because they know that dogs bring a lot to their lives. At the same time, they also require a huge commitment. So, as you’re weighing out if this is the best time to get one for your home, hopefully you’ll take all of this information into consideration. A dog is a wonderful thing – when you’re truly ready to have one.

How to Take Professional Looking Newborn Photos at Home

If you’ve recently had a baby, then there’s a pretty good chance that you want to take as many pictures as you possibly can. So much in fact that if you continued to hire a professional photographer, it would eventually affect your budget.

The good news is that when it comes to doing your own newborn photo shoot, there are things that you can do on your own that can still give you wonderful results. If you’d like to know what those things are, here are five proven DIY baby photography tips.

Make sure your baby is fed and rested. Although it basically seems like all newborns do is sleep and eat, if you time your photo sessions carefully around their schedule, you’ll be able to get at least a few photographs with their eyes open. The best way to make this happen is to take some pictures right after one of their naps and after they’ve been fed and burped. They’ll be content and it will translate in the shots.

Apply the right light. No matter which professional photographer you speak with, one thing they are going to tell you is that you’ll get some of your best pictures by opting to use natural light instead of overhead lighting. That’s why it’s best to take your baby’s pictures during the daytime and preferably in a room that has a lot of windows. If you do need to use a light fixture, just make sure that it has a high quality bulb inside of it. Avoid the ones that tend to color cast.

Use the right props. One of the best things about taking newborn pictures is all of the props that you can use. From baskets and blankets to books and teddy bears, all of these items will help to bring a lot of character to your pictures. Speaking of fun props, something else that you might want to include is a chalkboard. You can use it to write your baby’s name, weight or birthdate on it. It’s a cute way to send a short message.

Have fun with accessories. If you were to ask someone who works for a studio like Alyssa Albers Photography about what you can do to end up with some absolutely awesome newborn photos, something that they may suggest is that you don’t forget to pick up some accessories for your newborn to wear. Although nude shots are a classic approach, when your little girl has on dress and a headband or your baby boy has on a shirt and shorts with a tiny little necktie, it’s a surefire way to make everyone fall in love with your pictures.

Learn some tricks. If you’re not someone who takes pictures often, that’s OK. Thanks to the internet, there are all kinds of articles that will provide you with proven tips on how to end up with truly professional-looking shots. One website that has all kinds of helpful recommendations for photographing newborns and toddlers is LifeYourWay.net. Just go to the site and put “tricks for photographing babies and toddlers” in the search field.


Household hazardous waste day: A recycling initiative of Worcester

Known as the Heart of the Commonwealth due to its location in Central Massachusetts, the City of Worcester’s official symbol is a heart. If you ask me, there couldn’t have been a better symbol for the city that pours its heart and soul into keeping itself clean, green, and environmentally viable.

Every day, the Department of Public Works & Parks’ Trash and Recycling Division gets to work to ensure proper disposal of household waste. The department runs an efficient waste management and recycling program to enable residents to dispose their trash and recycle effortlessly and economically.

But caring for the environment is not one person or one department’s job. It’s a collective effort that involves the entire community and that’s true for Worcester as well.

Without the support of citizens, local businesses (such as the retailers that sell the designated Yellow trash bags), and private recyclers (like Sims Metal Management that purchase scrap metal from Worcester, MA residents or Casella Waste Systems that the city has partnered with for its recycling program), would the city have been able to achieve its environmental goals?

I think not!

Worcester’s environmental initiatives

The City of Worcester’s solid waste management program is identified by the unique Yellow trash bags that the residents are supposed to place their household waste in. Called the Yellow Trash Bag program, it allows residents to place waste items ranging from soiled paper and plastic bags to broken glass and pizza boxes into these bags.

Like many other cities, residents are not allowed to mix household hazardous waste with regular trash. Recognizing the environmental and health risks associated with improper disposal of household hazardous waste, the City of Worcester has a special day dedicated to this activity.


(Source: silvercreekfd.com)

The city organizes a Household Hazardous Waste Day to collect old and unwanted products that may contain hazardous substances. Residents are allowed to bring a maximum of 25 gallons or 25 pounds of household hazardous products ranging from oil based paints; varnishes; waste fuel such as kerosene, gasoline, and brake fluid to needles; syringes; and poisons like insecticides, fungicides, etc.

The items that are brought to the collection center are sorted by category after which a licensed hauler packs them in drums and they’re disposed using appropriate practices. The city bears the cost of disposing household hazardous waste, which believe me, is considerable.

That’s why residents are advised to substitute hazardous products with non-hazardous or natural alternatives wherever possible.  If you ask me, the underlying goal of such drives is not to collect tons of hazardous waste, but to spread enough awareness about the benefits of using environmentally-safer options that years down the line, there’s no more such waste to collect.

Worcester’s recycling efforts

Needless to say, recycling is at the helm of Worcester’s environmental efforts. The city has recently introduced a new “Zero Sort” recycling program, which resembles the single-stream recycling system being followed in many American cities.

The “Zero Sort” recycling program makes it easy for residents to recycle as it does away with the need to separate items. All recyclables go into a single bin with the only requirement being that all metal, plastic, and glass containers are rinsed before being placed inside it.

The recyclables are collected every week on the same day as regular trash, which is great for the residents. The only problem is that there are a host of other items that can be recycled, but are not accepted as part of the city’s “Zero Sort” program.


Scrap metal, for example. Metal recycling not only has several environmental benefits, but can be a profitable activity for residents.

But where one might go for metal recycling in Worcester, MA? The answer is as simple as it’s obvious. To one of the scores of facilities that show up when you search for scrap yards in Worcester, MA. However, make sure you go to a certified scrap yard if you want the best deal for your metal scrap and also ensure that it’s processed using environmentally safe practices.

As for the bulk items, residents can have them picked up from their curb for a fee or drop them off to a Department of Public Works facility at a lower cost. The city also has a separate recycling program for fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs, which cannot be disposed with regular trash due to the presence of mercury in them.

It’s clear that the City of Worcester does everything to stay on top of its recycling and environmental efforts. It’s clear that the city with a heart as its official symbol has its heart in the right place!

Finding Cash in Unlikely Places

It’s too bad money doesn’t grow on trees. But the reality is that you can’t just go out and pick up cash when you need it. You have to earn it.

“In order to get money fast you either have to sell something, borrow something, or beg for something,” says Brie Hoffman. We will rule out begging – at least for the moment. If you consider the other two alternatives and apply yourself, you’ll soon find some cash coming your way.


Turning Things into Cash

If you have a savings account, you could consider using it. That’s why it’s there. If you don’t have emergency funds, set up a bank account as soon as you can. Regular contributions, even if minuscule, can result in a big, fat balance after a while.

Garage sales are dependable moneymakers, although it probably takes at least a week or two to prepare and advertise your sale. If you’re tight with the neighbors, consider a community garage sale. This is sure to draw a crowd. Garage sales accomplish the twin goals of making you money and ridding your home of unwanted clutter.

If you have a car you can live without, that might be the quickest way to some cash, depending on the vehicle’s value. The Internet offers many channels for promoting and selling your vehicle. Advertise on sites such as Craigslist and eBay Motors. Be prepared to do some haggling, and know the value of your vehicle. If you don’t have the time or inclination, you can sell the car immediately to a company that does this as its business, such as www.junkcars.com.

Making Money the Old-Fashioned Way

You can establish a regular stream of extra cash by working more hours, either for your current employer, for another employer, or even by working for yourself.

Clearly, overtime at your current job is the most lucrative use of your time. Barring that, consider entering a new line of work on the side. Bankrate suggests looking for jobs that provide flexibility, good pay and future opportunity. These positions look more to the long-term, which can help you avoid future cash crunches. For example, school bus drivers can earn good wages and benefits. If you like working outside, consider jobs in grounds maintenance.

For something less structured, think about watching someone’s kids on an as-needed basis, or taking care of pets, which might include regular walks as well as more extensive services if a pet’s owner has to leave town for a few days or a week.

You might also work for yourself. You can set your own hours, and you can enter a business that capitalizes on your interests, be they collectibles, writing, photography or some other field.

Making the Most of Your Situation

The key to making extra cash is to take stock of your situation and exploit the resources that work best for you. Be persistent and think creatively, and the sky will be your limit.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for Retirement

Regardless of a person’s age, when the topic of retirement comes up, the room goes quiet. There are some that feel confident they are going to have enough to retire, giving them plenty of time to enjoy their retirement. There are others that are currently saving and hoping that they will eventually have enough. Then there are the individuals that instantly get a panicked feeling because they haven’t put any money away for retirement.

According to The Washington Post,5r 20% of individuals nearing retirement age have no retirement savings. It’s this group that really starts to worry when the topic comes up.

However, this predicament can be avoided. Those new to the job market might be wondering whether or not they should start saving for retirement. The answer: it’s never too early to start saving for retirement.

Have a Plan

Most people just start tucking away money without looking at the big picture. It is important to consider how much money will be needed for retirement. While the cost of living will probably change over the course of future decades, it still helps to have a ballpark figure.

Don’t panic if the amount needed to be saved looks astronomical. By starting early, most people have a much better chance of meeting their goals. The Federal Government has lots of different resources available for individuals that are just getting started with their retirement planning and saving.

Start Small

There is no need to come up with a large amount of cash to start retirement savings. Many IRAs can be opened with just $500. Once the account is established, setting up a monthly contribution is always a good idea. Check with the IRA administrator to get details on the minimum that can be contributed each month or year and also ask about what it would take to max the account out.

Even if a person isn’t regularly contributing to the account, at least it is open and there are some funds available for retirement. Think about how much of a difference $25 or $50 a month would make in the long run.

Take Full Advantage of Employer Matching

A 401(k) plan is a great option for many workers. Money is removed from each paycheck and is placed in the account, which is made available at retirement. Because the money comes out before taxes, the deduction of the 401(k) money can actually help a person with their taxes. The money is rarely missed.

As an added bonus, some employers offer to match money placed in the account. If this option is available, it makes sense to contribute the maximum amount in order to receive the matched funds. Different employers handle the matching differently and it helps to talk with your human resources department to get the details. Taking advantage of free money is always a good idea when it comes to saving for retirement. Be sure to look at Money Tips for more information about retirement and saving.

You are never too young to start saving for retirement. Come up with a plan, start small, and take advantage of the opportunities at work. When the time comes to retire, you’ll be glad you started saving early.

Baby Blankets Will Offer Comfortable Sleep

Baby arrival is seen by many as being a climax for a relationship or marriage. It is definitely a joy for a parent but it is also a huge responsibility. Whenever talking about babies, it is quite challenging to learn how to properly take care of him/her, while making sure that comfort is as high as possible. We have various bedding types that are available and you need to choose a very good baby blanket in order for him/her to be comfortable at night.

The baby blankets available on the market come in various designs and materials. That I definitely relevant since there are huge varieties available. Because of the huge varieties, we can say that it is a daunting task to find something that is perfect. The best thing that you can do in the event that you do not know what baby blanket to choose is to basically talk with a professional that can aid you make a really informed choice.

In the event that there is nobody that can help you, the best thing you can do is choose to go online and contact a reputable seller like The Stripy Company so that you can easily be recommended something of a really high quality.


Thermal Baby Blankets

Thermal baby blankets are really popular at the moment. This is a different type of blanket than the others as it offers high comfort because of the materials used and the designs offered. In most situations such a blanked is made out of cotton, the preferred material when referring to baby products because of the warmth offered. We also have double binding so low temperature protection is also available.

Warmth is highly important for a baby blanket. Make sure that you choose a product that will offer warmth during all seasons. We have baby blankets that are perfect for winter or summer. Some are good all around the year.

A Comfortable Sleep

The best baby blankets will always offer a more comfortable sleep during the night. Babies constantly wake up crying and without energy. It is something that can sound unreal but the baby blankets that are of the highest possible quality will always guarantee that sleep is a lot more comfortable. If the baby cries a lot during the night, it is almost a certainty that you will need to change the baby blanket. It is almost a certainty that the problem is because of improper bedding.

Choosing Great Baby Blankets

You can so easily find various baby blankets on the internet. There are so many shops that you can put your hands on. We have baby blankets of really great quality. You just have to be careful and choose from those stores that have the best possible market reputation. That will aid you a lot since those stores that are well known for the quality of the blankets offered will always give you access to great choices.

On the whole, make sure that you take as much time as needed to choose the best possible baby blankets. The more information you have, the better the choice!

How to Plan and Host a Painting Birthday Party for Kids

There are so many awesome things about being a parent. One of the best parts is being able to watch your child develop with each passing year. During that time, sure they grow physically, but they also start to discover more of the things that they enjoy doing; things that could end up being a part of their lives for years to come.

Take painting, for example. If your son or daughter enjoys art and they have a birthday coming up, why not throw them a party that has a painting theme? It will be fun for them and something creative for their guests to do as well.
If this sounds like something you’d like to do, you need a few tips on how to plan and host a painting birthday party for kids. Here are five tips to make the party go off without a hitch!

Select the best venue. When planning something like a painting party, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s going to have the tendency to get pretty messy. That’s why, if the party is going to be during the time of year when the weather is warm, you should consider throwing the party outside. If it’s not, contact one of the art studios or pottery painting places that are kid-friendly to see how much it would cost to rent out their space.

Decide what the kids should paint. Once you have a venue selected, the next thing to think about is what the kids should paint. If you end up at a pottery place, then you pretty much already figured this part out. However, if you’re going to be in a studio or outside, you should ask yourself (and perhaps also your child) if you want them to have their own paint and easel sets or perhaps maybe some ceramic figurines. This all basically depends on the ages of the children and how much you plan to spend on supplies.

Get creative with party food. By going along with the whole “paint party theme”, think about what kind of creative food and drink that you’d like to serve. For instance, you could serve burgers and put the condiments in squirt bottles. That way, children can “squirt on” the ketchup or mustard, almost as if they are preparing to do some painting. Or you can have a sundae table where there are all kinds of candies and other treats that they can put onto their ice cream in order to make an edible work of art.

Pick up some aprons. Whether you decide to have a “ paint your own pottery ” party or some other kind of painting party for your child, when throwing this type of birthday party for kids, it’s a good idea to let the parents know that their children should not come to the party in their Sunday best. Some old jeans and a T-shirt would probably be best. However, in order to make sure that the children don’t totally ruin their clothes, pick up some painting aprons too. Two websites that sell them in bulk are Amazon and Oriental Trading Company. Just go to the sites and put “child’s apron for painting” in the search field.

Let your child make the invitations. A really nice touch to any child’s birthday painting party is to have your son or daughter make their own invitations. It’s a nice way for them to show off their artistic flare and something that will be sure to be a hit with the parents and kids alike. Happy party planning!